For Athletes Who Want More Than Just Chasing "Cups" & Prizes

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Now You've Done It!

You signed up for the big race,
or set an outrageous PR goal for yourself,
or you’re attempting something so insane
... just finishing would be amazing.

We get it.

Commitment to excellence can be scary.
It’s also the most exciting way to live…
… and train.

These quests give our training a purpose for a season, usually a year.


… it is more than that
because we know when we are fit we do all of life better.

And, that is the knife’s edge.

How do we be true to what matters (family, career, faith, community, friends, commitments)

... and still Rip On RaceDay,
our self-selected date with destiny?

That is our quest.

To be true… and rip.

It is why we are here.

  • To share and learn what works and doesn’t
  • To stay motivated and be held accountable
  • To buoy each other when discouraged.

To arrive at the start line ready…

… to cross the finish line completely satisfied,
knowing we did all we could do.

That is winning.
That is ripping on raceday.

If you’re into that, jump in now.

We’ve been waiting for you.